School Uniform

The school has a uniform, which consists of a burgundy sweatshirt with school logo, white or burgundy polo shirt, with logo, and grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers. Fleeces and reversible coats with the school logo are also available.

For summer the girls can wear cotton dresses and boys can wear grey shorts. Uniform, which must be labelled, is available from the school office. However, if uniform is purchased elsewhere, parents must adhere to the school colours. Jeans, or any other form of play clothes, are not allowed in school.

For PE, black plain shorts/joggers or leotard and a white tee shirt/polo shirt must be worn. Pumps may be required for outdoor work. Although we do NOT sell these in school, we recommend purchasing them from the local supermarket.

Older children need a swimming costume and a swimming hat; the hat can be purchased from school.  The PE kit should be named and kept in a named pump bag.

If Muslim girls wish to wear a hijaab it should be black, grey or maroon cotton (or white in summer) and be well secured (for health and safety reasons).

Jewellery should not be worn in school with the exception of studs for pierced ears. These must be removed for all PE activities.

Only sensible black footwear should be worn; trainers are not appropriate footwear for school.